Whether newer or vintage properties, Haire Construction takes great care to seamlessly integrate upgrades that complement the original character of the home. Here is a list of some of the notable classic homes, which we have had the privilege to restore:

• John Robinson Circus House – circa 1840’s – whole house renovation

• Norwood Train Station – circa 1880’s – restored based on 1920 photographic documentation


• Sinclaire Farm House – circa 1840’s – interior and exterior restoration including restoration of carriage house

historic restoration

• Wise Home – 1882 on National Register of Historic Places – interior and exterior restoration 

historic restoration

• Old Armstrong School – circa 1830’s – exterior renovation

• Governor Robert Taft Home – circa 1920’s – interior and exterior renovation

• Clifton Gaslight Home – circa 1900’s – whole house restoration after extensive water damage from boiler failure

• Mt. Adams Row House – circa 1880’s – restored to original single family residence from two family

• Holzapfel Home – circa 1850’s – interior and exterior renovation

• Walnut Hills Row House – 1866 – salvaged original building exterior and interior features and renovated to professional office space