To build green and be environmentally sensitive can manifest itself in many different ways from project to project.

First of all, Haire Construction performs a number of activities automatically that are environmentally friendly. When there is any demolition required on a project, we first test to determine if there are any hazards that require remediation, whether lead, mold or asbestos.  

green healthy buildingWe re-cycle materials that come out of your home: cardboard, wood, metal, plastic and used appliances.  Another important factor, often overlooked, is job waste. Haire Construction prides itself on accurately estimating the actual building materials required.

Haire Construction has significant experience in using foundation and wall systems that greatly improve R-values, minimize the threat of mold, reduce noise and improve air quality. We work to help insure that materials used in your home do not impact the long-term health of the residents in the building, being human or animal. We source materials that are low VOC and have minimal presence of formaldehydes.

We are an advocate of sustainable materials using renewable woods for floors, re-cycled plastic in decking systems and natural stone for counter tops.  For example, we now use whenever possible, PVC exterior trim which lasts much longer than wood, is impervious to moisture and never needs painting.

Haire Construction can also assist you in the selection of energy saving appliances, plumbing fixtures and HVAC systems that can be eligible for tax credits.

We enjoy building beautiful homes and take pleasure in the fact that we can do so responsibly for you, your family and our planet.